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For Honor for real: 3D print of the Lawbringer’s massive poleaxe

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While the weapon designs in For Honor aren’t too fantastical, they are rather large. This hasn’t stopped maker Travis Schall from 3D printing the Lawbringer’s poleaxe.

As we’ve seen with these larger weapons in the past, only the head and tail are printed with the actual pole part being just that – a wooden dowel stick. The printed head is 20.5″ (52.07cm) long and 13″ (33.2cm) wide from axe blade to hammer head. Including the dowel, the completed weapon is 74″ (187.96cm) tall.

If you want to assemble your own, you’ll need the free files from Thingiverse and 51 free hours, which is how long it took Schall to make his.

This isn’t the first 3D print from For Honor that has popped up. We featured a Kensei mask earlier this year and Shall has also made the great axe as used by the Berserker class.

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