Horizon Zero Dawn’s Photo Mode is getting “Selfie”-esque Poses

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Horizon Zero Dawn is easily one of the most visually stunning games released on the PS4. Players have reported being awestruck by its vistas and creatures – especially on 4K.

Developer Guerrilla Games has obviously heard these reports and so decided to include a Photo Mode that lets players capture all the gorgeous screenshots they want to.

Currently though the photo mode has some slight shortcomings. The game’s protagonist, Aloy, is surprisingly difficult to pose face forward towards the viewer for example.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s upcoming 1.20 patch addresses this issue with a range of poses that will be made available along with various other changes which can be read here. Most notably though the following Photo Mode changes will have a drastic effect on the quality of screenshots gamers will be able to take.

Feature Improvements

  • Improved photo mode with new features
    – Added poses for Aloy
    – Added facial expressions for Aloy
    – Added 3 new filters
    – Added a “look at the camera” mode for Aloy
    – Added “greetings from” cards
    – Improved the camera controls
  • Added the option to hide Aloy inside settlements while in photo mode.

Gamesradar posted some examples of the new poses Aloy will be able to perform when using the Photo Mode. You can check these out below:

The 1.20 update will release next week and with an already impressive Photo Mode being given improved control, game photographers will surely be quite pleased.

Sahil Lala

Sahil Lala

Sahil is a tech and gaming enthusiast that's been a writer, reviewer, advisor and editor at multiple publications