Judge Dredd Mega City One TV Show Announced

Judge Dredd TV show in development

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If you never caught Dredd, the superb Judge Dredd starring Karl Urban, back in 2012, go and watch it right now. Go on. We’ll wait.

Back yet? Excellent!

That film – which incidentally was shot in Cape Town and Johannesburg – was a box office flop, but it gave rise to a rather large cult following through DVD and digital sales (and piracy, but that’s another story). However, since its box office receipts didn’t impress, and because the cast and crew have moved on to other projects since its release, a Dredd sequel doesn’t seem likely. There was talk of a Dredd TV show – possibly with Netflix – at one stage, but that too went the way of dust.

It’s been hard for the Dredd faithful. Today, though, we give you reason to rejoice.

IM Global and Rebellion Games have teamed up to bring Judge Dredd: Mega City One to TV screens.

No really – have a look at the announcement video below:

Like the comics and the subsequent movies, the show is set in a dystopian future where humankind has been stuffed into overcrowded mega cities that stretch the entire coast of the United States. Crime has reached such epidemic proportions that law is now enforced by ‘Judges’, law enforcement officials authorised to be judge, jury and – if needs be – executioner right on the spot.

Early development has apparently begun on the show, and the talent involved is to be announced. If you’re listening IM Global and Rebellion, there is really only one guy who can play this role: Karl Urban. Please move mega cities to get him onboard? Thanks!