Msimanga aims to make Tshwane most connected city in Africa

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City of Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga plans to grow the city’s free WiFi service to become the biggest in Africa.

“Contributory to the creation of an inclusive Tshwane teaming with opportunity is our city’s award-winning WiFi,” Msimanga said at his first city Budget Speech held in Pretoria yesterday. “Recognising that cities can be urban hubs of creativity and innovation, the new administration of Tshwane has an ambitious vision of making Tshwane the most connected city on the African continent.”

According to Msimanga, TshWiFi has facilitated access for three million users since inception in 2013.

“TshWiFi has taken on a momentum of its own, with active and engaged citizens making a difference in their communities with the power of technology. I have been vocal in my support of the free WiFi project. The TshWiFi network is stable and operational and our job now is to make it better and sustainable. The service has not been suspended for any reason and network deployment continues to grow,” Msimanga said in reference to claims that the network would be shut down.

While Msimanga did not indicate exactly how much TshWiFi would be getting, its allocation falls under a budget of R662.3 million allocated to the city’s Group Economic Development and Spatial Planning.

“Not only does free WiFi allow users who previously only had limited access to get online, it also gave small businesses the chance to use information technology to thrive,” he said.

“Free WiFi has made a real impact on people’s lives. We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate, but it is important to take time to appreciate how far we’ve come and to acknowledge the incredible TshWiFi community of champions, innovators and ambassadors that we have become a part of.
Thank you, the users, for your support, enthusiasm and feedback,” Msimanga concluded.