[Press Release] MTN Business steps up its business development initiatives

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Entrepreneurs of small and medium sized businesses will be equipped with the requisite tools to digitize their businesses and empowered with the skills to navigate the challenges that many emerging enterprises are facing in today’s rapidly changing environment at a session that is hosted by MTN Business in Cape Town today.

This second inaugural workshop, known as the Digital Entrepreneur Masterclass, is held under the theme Digital Sustainability, and will feature experts and industry disruptors who will share much-needed insights with the delegates. The Digital Entrepreneur Masterclass will give emerging businesses the opportunity to engage with industry disruptors, gain insights that can be practically applied to their businesses and network with industry experts and mentors.

Among the event partners that will make presentations at the event are Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Linkedin and FinFind.

The hosting of this initiative is an integral part of MTN Business’s strategy to contribute meaningfully to the growth of the small and medium sized business sector.

The Digital Entrepreneur Masterclass will cover a number of important topics for emerging businesses, including educating delegates on the power of digital marketing, how to effectively use social media as a marketing tool, dispense practical advice on how to secure finance and showcase the benefits of Windows 10 to small businesses.

Mandisa Ntloko, General Manager for Enterprise Marketing at MTN Business says the Digital Entrepreneur Masterclass is the second gathering of its kind to bring together the game changers in the small business ecosystem. In addition to helping entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level and equipping their businesses to be digitally smart, Mandisa says the participants will gain insights into how technology will enable their businesses to achieve operational efficiency and reduce operational costs.
“The Digital Entrepreneur Masterclass is part of MTN Business’ strategy to help small and medium sized businesses to run digitally smart enterprises by harnessing the power of technology to compete effectively and grow sustainably. Technology is the enabler that will help emerging enterprises to achieve operational efficiency and efficiently manage operational costs. At MTN Business we see Entrepreneurs as the next generation of digital businesses and the engines that drive economic growth. Through initiatives such as the Digital Entrepreneur Masterclass, MTN Business will usher these businesses in a new digital era underpinned by infinite possibilities,” says Mandisa.

She adds that the Digital Entrepreneur Masterclass is borne out of the feedback they have received from the SME sector. “Working with entrepreneurs, we have found that offering them industry leading digital solutions and services is not enough, hence we took a decision to take this a step further and provide them with the tools that will empower them to successfully compete in the market space,” says Mandisa.

In future, the Digital Entrepreneur Masterclass will be hosted in other major cities across the country. The aim is to impart knowledge to entrepreneurs about the challenges and opportunities faced in today’s digital economy, and showcase solutions and services available through MTN Business’s partner ecosystem.

“As a proudly South African company, we have stepped up our initiatives across the board to encourage innovation, build a partner ecosystem that supports local businesses and empower entrepreneurs,” concludes Mandisa.



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