Shadow Brokers Launch Subscription Service

Shadow Brokers launch exploit subscription service

The Shadow Brokers, the hacker group who leaked NSA tools used to develop the WannaCry ransomware attack, has launched a rather strange exploitation subscription service.

In a couple of blog posts, both of which are written in rather broken English, the group has unveiled “TheShadowBrokers Monthly Dump Service”, a monthly data dump that it’s offering for 100 Zcash coins (roughly $21 000 or R275 559 at the current exchange rate) per month.

Zcash, in case you’re wondering, is a form of cryptocurrency that is reportedly more secure than Bitcoin, although the Shadow Brokers point out in their post that their use of it is not an endorsement and they may well change things up next month.

The group describe the subscription model as being “like wine of month club. Each month peoples can be paying membership fee, then getting members only data dump each month. What members doing with data after is up to members.”

The Shadow Brokers also say the service is aimed at “high rollers, hackers, security companies, OEMs, and governments.”

The most bizarre aspect to all this is that subscribers won’t know what they’re getting for their money up front. The Shadow Brokers describe the content as “something of value to someone” and justify this nebulous pitch saying that customers demanding guaranteed value for money aren’t the target market – rather, this is aimed at those individuals or entities that are prepared to take a risk.

The group says the first dump will take place in the first couple of weeks in July.


[Source: Hacker News | Picture Credit: CC Brian Klug]


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