5% of South Africans admit to surfing online on their mobile while driving

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Five percent of South Africans admit that they’re guilty of accessing the internet while they’re actively driving.

This is according to the recently released Effective Measure South Africa Mobile Report 2017, which provides insight into the local mobile telecoms industry.

For this report, Effective Measure surveyed 4 993 mobile internet users in the country from November 2016 to January 2017, to find out about their mobile usage.

When asked where they’d accessed the internet on their mobile in the last 30 days during the survey period, 44% said they’d done so while in bed (at any time of day or night), 36% did so while watching TV, while 35% did so as soon as they woke up. Fifteen percent said they were online while being driven as passengers, while 5% said they did so while they themselves were driving.

Other common places were at work (29%), at a WiFi hotspot (31%) and in the bathroom (13%).

Highlight trends

The report also revealed which mobile networks and manufacturers dominate the local industry.

Vodacom and MTN remain the undisputed top networks at a 53% and 30% market share each. Cell C subscribers account for 14% of the Telkom mobile subscribers are at 4%. All other networks account for 2% of the market share.

Samsung remains the dominant manufacturer in South Africa, with 40% market share, while 21% report using “other” brands than the established manufacturers, such as Apple (10%), Huawei (9%) and BlackBerry (6%).

For those who thought SMS as a form of messaging is on its way to extinction – think again. SMS is the second most popular messaging platform (51%), after WhatsApp (83%). Facebook Messenger is the third most popular (40%), followed by Google Hangouts (9%) and Skype (8%).

You can get other insights by downloading the full report from Effective Measures.

[Image –  CC Roman Pohorecki]