Two characters from the animated movie 9 that you can 3D print

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You know what was a fun movie that didn’t get a lot of attention? The movie simply titled ‘9’ from 2009. While it’s hard to find on Google – thanks to its title – some fans exist and have created 3D prints for it.

First up is the titular 9. The scale model you can see in the gallery below is incredibly accurate and the texture work done on the body looks a lot like soft material once it’s painted.

The files for 9 are available for free on MyMiniFactory or Thingiverse.

The character 7 also got a model made by the same maker. The model has more detail going on and looks even better for our money. Again the paint job is extremely well done here. The model even features a removable helmet that can pivot up like in the movie.

7’s files are also available on MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse.

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There’s probably a very stupid headline I could have made here incorporating the “why is 9 afraid of 7?” joke, with “eating” replaced with 3D printing.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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