Sony’s PS4 Firmware Update 4.70 and June 2017’s PS Plus Line-Up Detailed

Sony have released an update to the system firmware of the Playstation 4.

The update, while severely lacking in the new features department, is set to bring a range of system stability and performance tweaks to the console.

Sony’s official update notes are as follows:

Main features in system software update 4.70

While the previous 4.50 firmware brought with it “Boost mode” and external HDD support, 4.70 is less feature heavy but still weighs in at around 340MB. Should you want to make use of the console’s online features, you will have to install the latest firmware update.

And while we’re on the topic of Sony and Playstation, June 2017’s Playstation Plus games have been announced and the line-up features some great games.

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