FNB introduces nav>> Car services

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A while back we wrote about the fact that, whatever one may think of FNB as a financial institution, it certainly has taken the sting out of renewing your passport.

Now, it seems, FNB has heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanies hunting down car insurance or visiting the DMV.

Today, FNB has introduced some new components to its nav>> app in the form of nav>> Car. Described as another “smart solution”, nav>> Car is essentially a range of services aimed making owning a vehicle less of a hassle than it needs to be.

Here’s how it works: consumers simply open their FNB app, select the nav>> Car button and then load their vehicles into it. The nav>> Car app can then help them with a variety of management tasks, such as managing the cars they own (in terms of specs and each vehicles’ value) and help them find car insurance.

It can also take the pain out of renewing an expired licence disc; users simply scan their disc, request a renewal service, pay using the app (R199, not including fees from the DMV) and enter delivery options. Their new disc will then be delivered to their door and the app will send them notifications informing them when to expect it.

FNB is also offering a new service called On-road PROTECT, which for R95 per month offers renewal of five licence discs with free delivery, fine discount negotiation, bail assistance at roadblocks on 24/7 basis, Road Accident Fund claim and tyre repair claim assistance due to pothole damage.

Oh, there’s a shortcut feature for fines, too, offering notifications and in-app payment.

“[nav>> Car is] like a financial GPS that steers the way whenever you need it, always keeping you in the driving seat,” says Jolande Duvenage, FNB Chief Imagineer and (presumably CEO of punning #seewhatshedidthere).