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Dead Cells devs in early talks to bring the game to all three consoles

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The new rogue-like sensation Dead Cells is currently a PC exclusive on Steam’s Early Access, but that may change in the future.

In a vlog posted last night by developers Motion Twin, it is mentioned offhandedly that they are in early talks to bring the game to all the major consoles.

Of course this wouldn’t be an update if we didn’t address the burning question about consoles. So… off the record, we are in the process of talking to the three big ones. That’s to say: Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, to bring the game to PS4, Switch and Xbox One. We are going slowly and are at the very early stages of that. We hope we are going to be able to bring it out on the consoles, but as soon as we have more news we’ll let you know.

Other details about the future of the game are discussed in the video as well, such as elements of the lore being revealed through the new vendors recently added to the game. We suggest watching the entire video, but skip to the 03:03 mark here if you want to go directly to the part where the potential console ports are mentioned.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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