Rogue Deck in Hearthstone has been nerfed

Blizzard nerfs Hearthstone’s Rogue quest

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If you play Hearthstone regularly, you’ll know that Rogue decks became ridiculously overpowered thanks to the game’s last expansion.

Journey To Un’Goro introduced a quest card for the class called The Caverns Below, which required players to play four minions with the same name. Once this was done, all the minions in a Rogue deck could be boosted to 5/5 health and attack, meaning low cost minions suddenly became a wall of pain for the player’s opponent.

Rogue quest decks became the bane of existence for any player facing them as they were pretty much unbeatable in most circumstances. Well, Rogue players, we hope you’ve had your fun because Blizzard has just thrown a spanner into the works of your well-oiled killing machine.

On Hearthstone’s official forum, Blizzard has announced that when the next patch comes down, The Caverns Below will require players to play five minions with the same name name instead of four. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal, it really does make a significant change, since wiping out an opponent in a game’s early  stages is now a lot harder.

“The Caverns Below is uniquely powerful versus several slower, control-oriented decks and played often enough that it’s pushing those decks out of play,” Blizzard said. “This change should help expand the deck options available to players both now and after the release of the next expansion.”

In other words, Rogues, if you’re facing a well constructed aggro deck, you are now highly vulnerable – let’s see how you like it!

If previous Hearthstone nerfs are anything to go by, this move could be seen as Blizzard tinkering with the game ahead of its next expansion. Traditionally, when the developer nerfs cards, it does so just before a new expansion drops to shake up the metagame somewhat. So the good news for Rogues – and the rest of the player base – is that this nerf could mean that the next Hearthstone expansion is not very far off at all.