E3 2017 – Sony’s PS4 Keynote: Everything you need to know

E3 2017 Sony's PS4 Keynote

After Microsoft’s impressive showing earlier in the day, Sony had its work cut out for it with its E3 2017 keynote.

Since it had no new hardware to show off (like its nearest and dearest competitor) Sony instead decided to let its games do the talking. Pretty much the entire keynote was devoid of any human presence. Although it was bookended by President & CEO of SIE America, Shawn Layden, the PS4 keynote saw trailer after trailer fired at the audience. Here are the highlights:

Exclusives raise the curtain

One of the main criticisms that has been aimed at Microsoft lately concerns the lack of exclusive titles for the Xbox One platform. It’s almost as though Sony decided to captialise on this disgruntlement at its keynote, as it opened with a combo of exclusives.

Following the one-two punch of the trailers for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and the new DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Frozen Wilds, Sony showed off some extended play from its upcoming zombie adventure, Days Gone.

If you were being unkind you could say it looks like a budget version of The Last Of Us, but in the 10 or so minutes it was on screen, Days Gone looked packed with more variety than had been previously shown. Hey, the protagonist was doing more than running away from a tide of undead and there was even a zombie bear too!

Treasures from the East

If you’ve been hankering for a decent Monster Hunter game on the PS4 and have spent the last few years glaring in envy at the games your Nintendo mates have been enjoying, rejoice! Sony has heard your call! Monster Hunter World is in the pipeline and from the looks of its trailer it looks completely badass.

One of the biggest reactions to the PS4 keynote came shortly after this reveal as Sony unveiled a current gen remaster of Team Ico’s classic, Shadow Of The Colossus.

It’s a testament to how beloved this game is that it’s been remastered twice now and its reveal this morning brought the house down. Incidentally, both of these games are slated for release next year.

The PS VR games were a mixed bag

Talk about your highs and lows. After some lengthy trailers for  Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite (which will have story mode) and COD: WWII, it was the PS VR’s turn to bat, and this string of games looks to be rather a mixed bag.

At the top end you have The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim receiving the VR treatment (joining fellow Bethesda stablemates DOOM and Fallout 4).

Starchild looks like a rather colourful platform adventure from indie developer Playful and Supermassive has a new horror game set in an asylum called The Inpatient.

At the bottom end there’s a new shooter in the works for the PS Aim controller called Bravo Team that looks like a budget COD, a platform adventure involving a mouse called Moss and a Final Fantasy XV tie-in game called Monsters Of The Deep that involves the deadly art of… fishing. Yes, there’s a FF fishing game on the way. Are you not excited?

Exclusives and exclusive content

Once the PS VR titles were out of the way, Sony fired two hefty salvos. The first, was a lengthy trailer for the new God Of War game, which is slated for release next year. In it, everyone’s favourite pasty-faced killer Kratos spent a lot of time either killing things or admonishing his son about the necessity of becoming a warrior.

It didn’t really show much that players haven’t seen already, although a couple of bits of dialogue dropped in the trailer hint at the idea that, now the pantheon of Olympus are all dead, the gods of Valhalla are now in the firing line. Oh, and Kratos is about as sympathetic as a dad as you’d guess (IE, not very).

Following that was a new trailer for David Cage’s latest creation, Detroit: Become Human. Once again, Sony showed a trailer that put a premium on demonstrating just how splintered the narrative in the game can become and how over-earnest everything in it is.

Destiny 2’s trailer landed next and although players already have quite a few details about this game, it’s unlikely they knew just how good PS4 players were going to have it. Bungie’s latest entry in its sci-fi persistent world shooter boasts a ton of exclusives for the PS4, including skins, weapons, maps and more. How’d you like that Microsoft?

Your friendly neighbourhood QTE

Sony chose to close its E3 keynote with some extended gameplay from the forthcoming Spider-Man game and to say reactions were mixed is an understatement.

While the game certainly looks the part, it was hard to tell how much of what was being shown was scripted and how much was, you know, someone really playing the game. On top of that the hordes on Twitter slammed the game for everything from its combat being too much like that of the Batman: Arkham series to the ton of QTE moments it contained. Ah well, they’re all probably bitter because we didn’t get to see anything about Death Stranding.

Come to think of it, where the hell was Death Stranding?

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