Bethesda artist creates 3D printed sentry bot from Fallout 4

Senior Character Artist at Bethesda, Dennis Mejillones, is a fan of 3D printing, and we last featured his creations in that realm when he made a bust of Daedric armour.

Now he’s back with a robot from Fallout 4.

It’s the sentry bot which can be seen at many points in the game, and it’s one of the most detailed prints out there. The dozens of pieces which make up the build connect together, so there is a detailed “skeleton” beneath the pieces of armour.

Even more impressive is the fact that the entire piece is articulated, with moving arms, a swivelling waist and rolling wheels. You can see the articulation as well as the armour system in the gif below.

We spoke to Mejillones and he told us about the amount of time and effort that went into making this sentry bot. Printing alone took 200 hours on a MoonRay S resin printer and the total time required to print, process and base coat the build was around two weeks.

Unlike the Daedric armour, whose files are still available to everyone on Thingiverse, we’re not so lucky with the sentry bot. The files used here are not available to the public, so you’ll have to use something less detailed that was created by the community.

Make sure you follow Mejillones on his personal site, Facebook or Instagram, because he’s creating a second version that will not only be fully painted, but it will also feature electronics which allow it to repeat lines from the game.

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