Genji Cat Overwatch 3D Print Header Image

Genji Cat from the Overwatch comic has been turned into a 3D print

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Genji Cat is an ongoing webcomic which asks the question: “what if all the heroes from Overwatch were household pets?” and now you can own the titular ninja feline thanks to this 3D print.

This design is broken up into multiple pieces for printing on even the smallest printers, and the body pieces each have 2 millimetre holes which can be used to give the build some strength.

Insert 1.75 millimetre filament into the holes with some glue and your Genji Cat should be strong enough to not need any healing anytime soon, despite what its sign says.

As you can see the example print in the gallery below is not painted, so we’re hoping someone grabs the free files from Thingiverse and gives it the love it deserves.

The creator of the design, “Bazooka Plasma“, has also teased which character they’re working on next. It’s the rather creepy looking Reaper Cat.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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