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How to easily install Ubuntu on Windows 10

There have been a number of times where Windows has annoyed me to the point where I wish I could install a Linux distro such as Ubuntu.

The trouble is switching to a new operating system can feel like learning to swim all over again in the midst of a hurricane. Thankfully there is an easier way than wiping your hands clean of Windows immediately.

If you head over to the Windows 10 Store you’ll find Canonical’s Ubuntu available for download. There is however a slight catch you’ll need to be a part of the Windows 10 Insider program and from what we can see you will only be able to access the Ubuntu terminal and utilities such as bash, ssh, git and others.

After a quick sign up you should have access to download the file which clocks in at 192MB but after you install that (you’ll need Windows 10 16190.0 or higher to install) you’ll need to take one more step.

Open up Control Panel (the actual Control Panel not Windows Settings) and then open Programs and Features. Once that window pops up click Turn Windows features on or off in the left panel and then scroll down to activate Windows Subsystem for Linux. Click okay and then reboot your PC.

Once your PC is rebooted you can just click on Ubuntu in the start menu but you could also type “ubuntu” into Command Prompt to launch the OS in a sandbox.

And that’s it, Windows and Ubuntu operating together on one PC without having to partition drives and select boot modes.

Of course, you could just create a a virtual machine and run a full fat version of Ubuntu or any other Linux distro your heart desires on that.

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