SUPERHOT burns up the PS4 tomorrow

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SUPERHOT, the minimalist time-staggering first person shooter (FPS) developed by the imaginatively named Superhot Team, lands on PS4 tomorrow.

Yes, you read that correctly. One of the most critically acclaimed PC games from last year – oh, did it set the critics’ collective heart a-fluttering – will be available in South Africa’s PS Store on 19 July.

If you happen to be lucky enough (read: rich or committed enough) to own a PS VR gaming headset, you may want to pick up a copy of SUPERHOT VR. Both games, incidentally, are available for pre-order on the PS Store page and if you’re a PS+ account holder, there’s a 20% discount on both available. Oh, and a lovely PS4 theme too.

If you’ve never heard of SUPERHOT, this is an FPS filled with stark white corridors, crystalline enemies and hell of a lot of violence. Players have to shoot, smash and melee their way through waves of foes who shatter on impact.

The gimmick here is that time stops when you do, so if you find yourself faced with a ton of enemies, it’s worth stopping, taking a look around and planning your progression carefully. This is a shooter that doesn’t reward players who charge in, ripped to the gills with bloodlust.

Check out the trailer below:

Come on! You have to admit that looks eye-poppingly cool.