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The railgun from GTA V has been 3D printed to full size

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We don’t see a lot of 3D prints from GTA V, so it’s always nice when they pop up. Today Thingiverse user Max Strout has created a full size replica of the railgun as seen in the game.

We’re not sure if the model was created from scratch or ripped from the game, but the final prop you can see in the gallery below used two full spools of black filament and took 84 hours to print.

The yellow and silver accents seem to be added with paint, but the red coil in the barrel is something else. To give something extra to the prop, this “glow wire” lighting system was used. You can see the control box for it at the top of the gun.

The files to make your own GTA V railgun can be found over on Thingiverse.

If you’re disappointed by the fact that this prop does not shoot, we suggest you see this video from 2013 when someone built a functional, albeit not very effective, magnetic gun.

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