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Check this out – a smartphone that claims to play PC games

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Time was, the if you wanted to play PC games on the go, you needed a notebook. That is, until we spotted the PGS Hardcore and PGS Lite – smartphones that can play PC games.

To be up-front with you, these smartphones aren’t real yet but if the development log is anything to go by, we could see them very soon.

The handsets are being created with the express view of being able to run PC games. That is to say the latest PC games and not just Titan Quest or card games like Eternal.

The Hardcore handset sports two displays one of which can double as a tracking pad, a touch keyboard, or a second display.

“But how can you run games on a smartphone?” we hear you cry. The answer to that is simple – streaming.

Services such as Steam allow you to stream games from one PC to another. The host PC does all of the leg work and so long as you have a decent, stable Wifi connection, you can enjoy games on even the lowest spec of machines. This is made easier thanks to the PGS smartphones running Windows 10.


So speaking of specs, what does the PGS Labs have under the hood?

On graphics duties you’ll find Intel HD Graphics running at 600MHz and an Intel Atom x7 Z8750 at 2.56GHz takes on CPU duties.

Curiously the handsets also sport MediaTek’s MT8785 CPU and the Mali T860MP2 GPU. This is so that the PGS Hardcore and Lite can run both Android and Windows operating systems. Each OS even gets its own storage and RAM which is painfully clever.

PGS Hardcore and Lite specifications.

You also get 802.11ac Wifi, USB Type C, storage expansion and a 6 000mAh battery in the Hardcore model.

So will this work? We don’t know. Looking at the spec sheet we do think that this could be a rather handy way to stream games from your PC to your smartphone as you sit on the couch but we’re not so sure it could actually RUN the games from the handset.

It is however, a damn good idea and if you’re flush with cash and want to take a chance on a piece of tech you can pre-order your own PGS Hardcore for $319 (~R4 200) or the Lite (which has a keyboard rather than a second display) for $259 (~R3 400). Just take note that this is still new and you might want to cast an eye over the development log before keying in your credit card details.

That said this smartphone is still cheaper than a Galaxy S8, and Samsung’s smartphone can’t run Crysis last I checked.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.