Apocalypse Now Now Proof Of Concept Film

Check out this proof of concept for Apocalypse Now Now

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If you’re a fan of locally penned sci fi – and with the exception of Neil Blomkamp’s rather clunkingly twee film C.H.A.P.P.I.E, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be – you may have heard of a book called Apocalypse Now Now.

The brainchild of South African author Charlie Human, Apocalypse Now Now tells the story of Baxter, the leader of a gang of teenage ne’er-do-wells in Cape Town who have a nice line in selling  pornography to their peers. But when his girlfriend Esme disappears, Baxter is forced to head into the Mother City’s underworld with a bounty hunter named Jackson Ronin in order to track her down.

It’s here, in the Cape Town sprawl, that Baxter comes to realise that mythical creatures may be real and the purveyors of urban legends may not be just as cracked as they seem to be.

If you’ve never checked out that book – and you really, really should – have a gander at the video below. It’s not exactly a trailer, rather it’s a proof of concept short film – along the lines of the definitely NSFW Dirty Laundry, which saw Tom Jane reprise his role as The Punisher a few years ago.

Directed by Michael Matthews and written by Sean Drummond, this is a short slice that imagines the world from the book in celluloid. Like we said, it’s not a trailer, but we’re hoping that there are some producers out there looking for a new project, because this really does look like a clip that could’ve been taken from a finished movie.

For the rest of you, if you like what you see, Apocalypse Now Now should be available at reputable book retailers. Enjoy!