Want to livestream the #MayweathervsMcGregor fight? You’ll have to pay for it

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Boxing’s current biggest star, Floyd Mayweather, will this weekend meet with UFC fighting machine, Conor McGregor in the most anticipated fight in two years.

Mayweather will face off against McGregor in his most publicised fight since his bout with the Philippine’s Manny Pacquiao in 2015 and those who’ve been following the exchanges between the two rivals so far, will know that viewers could be in for an explosive match.

How to watch

The pre-fight action takes places on 26th August 6m PT US time, but here in South Africa, that’ll be Sunday from 3am.

The actual fight happens two hours later at 5am local time.

Seeing as this is a very highly publicised event, broadcasters, including here at home, are looking to cash in as much as they can.

DStv will be broadcasting the match live on on the SuperSport 2. Unfortunately, those on a packages below Premium won’t be able to watch it unless you upgrade.

DStv is also running a Pop-up channel on channel 213. The pop up is broadcasting re-runs of several of Mayweather’s greatest fights, his visit to Africa in 2014 and the popular All Access shows, which offer a fly-on-the-wall viewing experience.

Premium subscribers can also watch via the DStv Now site or app on Google Play or iTunes.

Showmax will be showing a delayed broadcast at 10am, so if you’re customer and don’t mind waiting a few hours, you can go that route.


If you don’t have DStv, you’ll have to go through international streaming services. Most, such as ShowTime which is the main broadcast partner for the event, aren’t available in South Africa.

However, the UFC website is available locally. First, you’ll have to sign-up for an account and enter your credit card details to watch via Pay-per-View.

This will cost you $34.95 (R460), which is actually much cheaper than what some streams in the US are offering (ShowTime’s livestream costs $100).

There are no free livestreams and ShowTime is reportedly cracking down on any site which attempts to pirate and stream the fight for free.

Alternatively, if spending a few hundred on a single fight isn’t your thing, you could just head over to the house of a friend who has DStv Premium or at a local bar which may be open at around that time.

[Image: CC J Dimas]