Project Isizwe kicks off #WomensMonth with announcement of new CEO

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Dudu Mkhwanazi has been announced as Project Isizwe’s new CEO, on the day South Africa marks the start of Women’s Month.

Mkhwanazi’s appointment to the executive role is set to see Project Isizwe, which runs Africa’s most successful large-scale Free WiFi network, ensure its mandate as the advocate for Free WiFi as a human right.

“Project Isizwe is lobbying for ubiquitous, government subsidised internet access within a walking distance of every South African”, says 26-year-old Mkhwanazi, who is deeply committed to enabling social justice and empowering South Africans through free access to the internet.

“I believe in being part of an organisation that not only sets out to change people’s lives but also rewrites the history as far as empowerment is concerned,” she adds.

Mkhwanazi holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy Analysis from Université Montpellier in France. She takes over the reigns from former CEO, Zahir Khan, who stepped in as CEO after Project Isizwe’s first CEO, Alan Knott Craig Jnr, stepped down in 2015.

“Internet access is a tool to empower those in low socioeconomic ranks. When the government heeds the call to make internet access a basic human right akin to water and electricity in South Africa, it will be more than a progressive pioneering policy, it will be a selfless act to bridge digital, economic and social divides.”