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These interchangeable Rick and Morty action figures are 3D printed

As season three of Rick and Morty continues, we’re seeing more great fan creation from the community, but these action figures with interchangeable parts may be the best ones yet.

These were created by industrial designer Jon Cleaver who has also done other great prints such as Pickle Rick (!) and the original portal gun from the show.

Both figures come with six different facial expressions as well as different sets of arms and hands. You can switch between Rick holding his trusty flask, to Morty flashing the sign for “peace among worlds“.

The parts are also interchangeable between the two, so you can Cronenberg the hell out of them if you’d like.

Cleaver was also very clever in bringing articulation to the pair, as the joints are achieved by inserting small pieces of the filament used to print the figures. Even the hip has a point of articulation using a slightly thicker piece of filament.

You can find the files to print both Rick and Morty on MyMiniFactory. Here’s your Rick and here’s the Morty. If you do print and paint these, it’s suggested that you avoid spray painting the joints, lest you want to spend a lot of time freeing them with a file.

Cleaver has also promised that he will be expanding this idea with new pieces including “weapons, Armothy, Council of Ricks Hair, and more”.  Follow him on Facebook,  Instagram, or Twitter to get the updates.

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