Top Kenyan incubator launches service to give startups access to professional services

Kenya-based co-working space, Nairobi Garage, the largest in Africa, has launched a range of services giving startups access to the country’s top professional service providers.

Nairobi Garage Business Services gives Garage members access to accounting, legal, and leadership coaching packages, offered through specially negotiated partnerships with local professional services firms.

Through Nairobi Garage Business Services, accounting services will be accessible from as little as KSh10 000 ($96/R1 285) per month, with services spanning everything from statutory registration, to monthly payroll management.

Setting up a business is made easy with an exclusive range of Legal services that start from as little as KSh15 000 ($145/R1 927).

Members now also have access to tailored leadership coaching from KSh15 000 ($145/R1 927) to boost their personal development, enhance their leadership skills, improve their sales technique, and hone their public speaking. All necessities to take their business to the next level.

The initiative recognises the need for startups to receive more support and better value from service providers, and aims to connect entrepreneurs with the best quality service providers. Nairobi Garage hopes the new initiative will serve to make the ecosystem more transparent and traversable.

“Even the best startups need access to key professional services – but it can be tough to identify the top providers, and agree on a reasonable fee. This can lead to startups failing to make use of vital business support services. Nairobi Garage Business Services has changed that. Our members can be secure in the knowledge that all the professional services they need are now at their fingertips, and priced to win,” said Hannah Clifford, director of Nairobi Garage.

“Over the past months we have diligently vetted local service providers, crafted tailored package offerings, and negotiated affordable prices to bring reliable professional services to our members. We believe it is our role as a co-working hub to ensure our members have access to all the services they need to grow their businesses effectively,” said Clifford.




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