Water shedding introduced in the Eastern cape

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Residents in the Amathole District Municipality in the Eastern cape are now experiencing water shedding thanks to shrinking dam levels.

Butterworth, Adelaide and Beford join Cape Town in having water to residents shed due to persistent dry conditions.

According to the GroundUp, water is cut completely on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while on Tuesdays, it is cut only partially.

The shedding has affected many residents businesses and daily household activities, as well as basic public services.

For a more stable, long term solution, the municipality plans to access water through its Ngqamakhwe Emergency Pipeline project that will take water from nearby Tsomo.

The project however has not yet kicked off, which means residents will have to endure the shedding for a long period of time, unless there’s a drastic turn around in dam levels.

[Image – CC Wikimedia Commons]