Add a portable projector to your Nintendo Switch with this mod

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There’s a lot of great mods and 3D printed add-ons for the Nintendo Switch popping up, and this project which straps a portable projector to the console is one of the most innovative.

This is based on an LED pico projector from Amazon. While you could use any projector you’d like here, the 3D printed mount which connects the Switch to the projector is designed for this. If you’d like to use a different model, you’ll need to make provisions for a new mount.

Aside from an HDMI cable and some screws, you’ll also need to sacrifice an official Switch dock for the electronics inside which allow the console to be docked.

Once you have those it’s just a process of marrying all the parts together and enjoying a unique portable experience.

This isn’t going to be the cheapest project out there with the example projector and dock coming to just over $200. On top of that you’ll need to cover the cost of the 3D printed mount, a cable and some screws.

If you’d like to give it a bash you can read this written guide to get going. It’s created by the fine people over at the Adafruit store as they routinely put out cool projects like this to both showcase their components, and to give you ideas for future products.

You can also watch the video below which covers the same ground.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for another transformative mod, we have to suggest this enclosure which turns the Nintendo Switch into a desktop arcade cabinet.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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