Break out the chrome gold paint and 3D print Doctor Fate’s helmet

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DC’s Doctor Fate has received more attention recently thanks to his inclusion in Injustice 2, and we’ve seen a few 3D prints pop up featuring the character.

Maker Peter Snyder is one of those people creating the designs for others to print. His speciality seems to be headwear from popular culture, and you can find his designs ranging from Overwatch to Star Wars and more.

According to the included diagram the helmet measures in at 26.9 x 19.2 x 35.5 centimetres. Snyder states that this is big enough for an adult male, but you can always scale the model to fit your needs.

To make your own you’ll need the files which you can find on both MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse.

The version you see in the gallery below was created by Fort Nox Props. As you can see in the progress pictures posted to Facebook, the finished product required a lot of sanding, bondo, primer and even more sanding. To get that great gold colour a layer of Alclad chrome was applied first with the gold going on top of that.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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