This Kingdom Hearts Keyblade is made out of laser cut wood

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While Thingiverse is great for finding new 3D prints, it also has a thriving community sharing files for laser cut wood projects, and this Keyblade from Kingdom hearts is one of the latest.

It’s put together in a rather clever way: the two ends are made of large cuts of wood stacked on top of each other, and the main shaft comes from the wooden handle of a mop or rake.

There’s a lot of circular pieces stacked up and shaved down on a lathe to get some of the finer details, and a 3D printed pendant connected to a standard metal chain completes the look.

A long metal bolt runs its way through the length of the wood for rigidity, and with the appropriate paint it looks good enough for display or your next cosplay.

The Keyblade as a render.
The finished Keyblade.

According to this schematic that comes with the files, the finished Keyblade is 38″ long, or 96.52 centimetres. You can scale it up or down to meet your needs by changing up how long the shaft is.

If you want to see how something similar scales up to a human, check out this post from one cosplayer.

To make your own you’ll need the files from Thingiverse to start off with, and an appropriate amount of wood and time.

Finally, if you’re still in the mood for some laser cutting shenanigans, we highly recommend William Osman’s channel on YouTube. Osman undertakes ridiculous projects using his homemade laser cutter (the RetnaSmelter9000), and you can read our interview with him if you need an introduction.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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