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Naga Sea Witch interaction with giants is intentional – Blizzard

As part of a recent Hearthstone patch a bizarre interaction was spotted.

The interaction had to do with Naga Sea Witch and cards such as Molten Giant.

For those that aren’t aware what we’re on about here’s a quick primer. Naga Sea Witch is a collectible 5-mana card from the League of Explorers adventure that has the text “Your cards cost (5)”.

Before the patch playing this card made all cards cost five mana when it came into play. As a result if you have taken enough damage to make a Molten Giant cost zero mana it would cost five mana when Naga Sea Witch hit the board.

After the most recent patch however the five mana cost would be applied and then the card’s text would be applied. Simply put, if you played a Naga Sea Witch at 25 health you could play a Molten Giant for zero mana.

You can see a video showcasing this interaction below.

The trouble is that Blizzard never officially said that this change was intentional leading many to believe it was a bug.

Hearthstone game director Ben Brode took to the r/hearthstone sub-reddit to verify that the change was in fact intentional.

The explanation for the change is long and detailed but it boils down to how cost setting and cost adjusting auras interact. Simply put a new card (Bright Eyed Scout) handled the interaction in the way that Naga Sea Witch now does and this caused confusion.

“We made the change because we think these rules are easier to understand because they’re more consistent with other parts of the game, not because we wanted to buff Naga Sea Witch,” said Brode.

Blizzard is watching play/win rates in Wild as a result of this change and should it become a problem Naga Sea Witch will be nerfed.

In the meantime however go forth and play 0-mana Molten Giants in a bid to reach Legend in Ranked mode.


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