Five things we hope Mr. Robot addresses in season three

Try as we might we can’t contain our excitement that Elliot Alderson and the folks at fsociety return this week for what we expect to be another fantastic season.

While we love the realistic representation of hacking and how fearless this show is to delve into the nitty gritty of black hat social engineering, we also love how the producers bring current events into the show.

So far 2017 has provided a smorgasbord of topics for Sam Esmail to draw from and we’ve selected a few we hope he brings into the show.

The Equifax breach

Catastrophic. That is the best way to describe a hack that credit bureau Equifax reported in September. As many as 145.5 million US consumers were affected by the breach but it got worse. The firm then sent users to a bogus website that was meant to help them.

Recently it was revealed that 694 000 UK customers were affected by the hack as well.

Add to that the fact that several high ranking Equifax employees jumped ship as news of the hack broke and you have the makings of a great storyline.

Russia allegedly hacks the US election

Did Russian state-actors hack the United States election in 2016? Has Kaspersky software slowly been siphoning off state secrets to Russia? The answer to these questions and others is rather blurry but we would love to see fsociety either hacking elections or trying to stop state actors from meddling in their democracy.


The plague that is ransomware was thrust into the mainstream earlier this year when Wannacry tore through the NHS. Then NotPetya found its way into the news and ransomware is a term that everybody who reads the news knows.

We’d love for Mr. Robot to take a deep dive into this unique form of malware take a look at how its made, how widespread the damage is and why cybercriminals use it to fund their operations.

Government officials and social media

President Donald Trump and his (at times) problematic Twitter account, need we say more?

In case we do here are some prime examples of why we included this.

We didn’t have to look very hard to be honest.

Okay this one isn’t that bad but we recognise his desperate need for positive affirmations.

Oh boy, the now infamous “Rocket Man” jab.

Yahoo hack

We would really love to see Mr. Robot ask the hard questions about the events at Yahoo that resulted in every single person using the service in 2013 being compromised by a hack.

More than that we’d love for the show to question why it took Yahoo so long to make the hack public knowledge.

BONUS ROUND – The iPhone X and facial recognition

We know Apple says that your data is safe and that using your face to unlock your handset is secure but we’re skeptical.

With Mr. Robot’s resources we’re sure they can execute a plausible hack that the real world can then test out.

We’re not saying that Apple’s handset is insecure we’d just like to know that we can’t be compromised by a xerox of our face.

Mr. Robot kicks off tomorrow and you can catch it locally express from the US on Showmax.


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