Create this Cuphead flip book animation with a 3D print

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You can’t talk about Cuphead without mentioning its amazing animation, and you can replicate some of it with a 3D printer and some paper.

You won’t need to do anything close to the intense animation process that went into the game. Instead you’ll be printing out select frames and then assembling them into a flip book.

This is then glued onto a 3D printed crank system that goes through the flip book evenly to create the effect. This is a rare instance where the 3D print itself takes backseat to another part of the project.

To make your you’ll need the files from Thingiverse. They include not just the .stl files for your printer, but also a template to make your own animations and the exact frames used in the gif below.

Alternatively, if you’ve been eyeing those Funko Pop figurines from the game and want something more like that, well Mugman has already been printed to that scale. Cuphead himself hasn’t received the same treatment, but we’re sure to see him pop up in the coming weeks.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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