Cape Town and Airbnb collaborate to boost city’s tourism

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The City of Cape Town has partnered with Airbnb to promote the platform and the Mother’s City’s tourism sector.

Airbnb 17 600 has active listings in Cape Town and hosts have earned a combined income of R762 million over the past year after welcoming close to 290 000 visitors, which resulted in an estimated economic boost of R2.4 billion for the city.

As part of the agreement signed by the two parties, Airbnb hosts will be able to become ambassadors of the city, community-led tourism will be promoted in townships and Cape Town will host the Africa Travel Summit and bringing together 80 tourism and technology leaders from across the continent.

Airbnb has also committed to invest $1 million (R13 million) in community-led tourism projects in Africa, including Cape Town, over the next three years.

“Airbnb will especially look to scale its pilot programme from earlier this year, which supported training in hospitality and technology for residents from townships across the Western Cape, to reach more women and youth in communities throughout Cape Town. The City will be invited to advise Airbnb on where to take the programme to ensure alignment with broader municipal priorities, including the City’s Organisational Development and Transformation Plan which aims to leverage technology for progress, thus building integrated communities and enabling greater economic inclusion,” the city said.

“People-to-people travel using Airbnb is bringing tourism benefits to local families and communities, and generates new revenue streams that stay right here in Cape Town. I’m delighted to be working with Cape Town on this pioneering collaboration to help promote the best of this beautiful city and its people to the world. Airbnb has so far partnered with more than 300 governments across the world and while this is our first city collaboration in Africa, we want to work together with everyone to use technology to help spread more benefits across Africa,’ said  Airbnb Global Head of Public Policy and Public Affairs, Chris Lehane.