Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch has had a very good year. A very good year indeed.

After a slightly slow start, Nintendo’s latest console has played host to some of the best and most critically acclaimed games of this year. Sure, some of them have been ports of older titles, but let’s be honest, the games the Switch supports reads like a laundry list of must-have games.

That list just had a name added to it: Rocket League. If you’ve not played Psyonix’s fantastic knockabout that basically combines football (not soccer) with cars, you really have been missing out. Now Switch owners can expect the game’s arrival on their console of choice next month on 14th November.

According to a statement from Psyonix, Switch owners will be able to experience the full fat version of its game, including “the features, upgrades and content that millions of players worldwide have come to know and love.” It’ll also support all of the system’s various play modes.

On top of that, Switch will feature exclusive content for Nintendo fans, including Nintendo-themed battle cars and customisations – check ’em out above.