Around 30 million South Africans have just had their personal data leaked

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We hate to be the bringers of bad news, but it’s only Tuesday and it seems we have form.

Hot on the heals of the revelation that WPA2 security has been smashed like so much china in a shop containing a hostile bovine, news has emerged that 30 million South Africans may just have had their data unceremoniously dumped online.

Yes. It’s only Tuesday.

According to a report on Business Live, security researcher Troy Hunt – one of the founders of the highly useful website, on which you can find out if any account you have has been compromised – tweeted the following:

According to Hunt, the details seem to be that of home owners as the data includes interest points such as ‘unit number’, ‘sales price’, ‘bond holder’, ‘title deed’ and so forth. More worryingly, ID numbers and estimated worth are also included.

Even more worryingly, Hunt says the breach affects roughly 30 million South Africans.

Hunt says he’s in the process of tracking down the source of the data dump. Over on pastebin, the headers indicate this dump occurred in March of this year. Hunt has speculated that the source of the leak could be a government official, a bank or a mortgage lender.



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