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diybot is a South African robot you can make yourself

If you’re looking to make your own project robot, there’s a lot of options out there, but why not go local with diybot?

This creation is a joint effort by Andries SmutsDIY Electronics and Tom Van den Bon. Van den Bon should be a familiar name here as he’s the local maker who’s been making a new 3D print for every single day of 2017.

As you can imagine, that has spread into diybot with the robot’s shell being 3D printed. As the intention of the build is to “portray emotion in a theatrical manner”, it’s packed with electronics for both movement and expression.

Right now servos move both the arms and the head, and LED matrices are used for eyes.

diybot is currently in something of a beta stage as its improved upon. It’s intended to move with a simple wheel system (which you can see in this render) and more features are planned for later.

When the final version is available everything you need to replicate it will be available online as an open source project.

You can, however, get going right now with what’s available on GitHub. It’s a bit barren at the moment but it will be updated, and it gives you some early information about the hardware you will need.

When we spoke to Van den Bon he told us that the prototype can work with an Arduino and a few shields.

Finally, here’s a gif of the “waist” movement as another early build spins around in place.

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