eButler teams up with Knorr to deliver recipe ingredients to your door

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On-demand grocery delivery service, eButler, has partnered with Knorr to deliver recipe ingredients curated around Knorr products to your door within an hour and 30 minutes.

eButler was launched in 2015 and lets clients order groceries from their nearest Pick n Pay and Woolworths for delivery to their home or office. The startups is also a resident at the JoziHub incubator.

The partnership with Knorr, called Dinner on Demand allows consumers to access recipes through a Facebook Messenger Bot or directly from eButler.

The first phase of the pilot went live in July, 2017 with 55 suburbs in Johannesburg for a campaign called ‘My Mzansi Pasta’. The second phase went live on 2nd October with more than 270 suburbs covering the East Rand, Johannesburg, Midrand and Pretoria.

“We are thrilled to be Knorr’s eCommerce partner for this project, it’s such an authentic and innovative global brand that we grew up eating. It’s been an exciting collaborative project between Unilever’s digital partner Liquorice, the Knorr team and eButler to try and extend the value proposition of an already existing platform called What’s for Dinner with hundreds of inspirational meals to choose from,” said Vusi Mbokane, Chief Innovator of eButler.

eButler plans to fast track its scaling plans and have a presence in all major cities in Gauteng, Western Cape, and KwaZulu-Batal before the festive season frenzy starts.

“From a technology stand point, we have a new version of the platform coming up which supports our new positioning as a fully fledged online only grocery retailer that enables a multi-brand direct-to-consumer channel. With more excitng offerings that the consumer’s wallet will thank us for, and this is all made possible by the partnerships we have created with really innovative local and global brands,” explained Mbokane.

To order, W4Dinner’ on Facebook and click on ‘Message’ to start your conversation in Messenger. Type in your ingredients followed by #delivermydinner and in seconds, you’ll be sent a recipe. Or alternatively Check Dinner on Demand on eButler.



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