National Day of Action planned to protest rising university fees

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Wits University students have called on students from across South African universities to rally for a National Day of Action.

The call follows protests and a march to Parliament which swept across Cape Town this week. Students in the Mother City are demanding no university fee increments for 2018 and the release of Fees Commission Report, which is still sitting with President Jacob Zuma.

“We once more find ourselves in the time of year where students are frustrated by the shortcomings of the higher education sector. As the Wits SRC we state firmly that we are in solidarity with the institutions of higher learning that have embarked on a shutdown following the call for the release of the Fees Commission and maintain that this call is a genuine and necessary one that should concern all members of society,” the Wits Students Representative Council said in a statement.

The SRC expressed frustration over the lack of commitment from government and universities to find solutions to the fees crisis and the way security officials have treated protesting students.

“For this reason. we encourage all student leaders to rally their constituencies toward directing our efforts towards the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Presidency…The SRC has been consulting student constituencies and will be continuing with the consults in an effort to rally the student body towards a National Day of Action. We call for a National Day of Action for all stakeholders to march together with student leaders to rally behind the call for free education in a march to force government to release the report of the Fee Commission,” the SRC said.

The SRC called on Wits Vice Chancellor, Adam Habib to join them in the protest.

A date for the National day of Action was not announced.