The New Mutants Trailer drops

The New Mutants trailer drops

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Well here’s an interesting turn up for the books; a Marvel film that seems to want to scare the living hell out of its audience.

Comic fans will know that The New Mutants was a book that followed the adventures of the teenage pupils at Charles Xavier’s school for the gifted – as mentioned in the pages of X-Men. For the most part, it was a pretty light-hearted affair.

For his upcoming adaptation, director Daniel Boone seems be taking a rather dark route with his source material. Have a gander at the trailer below:

Looks like Professor Xavier’s school has been ditched for what looks like an insane asylum in which the mutant kids, far from being trained to be heroes, are being monitored, poked and prodded. The group are presided over by Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga) who seems to have a less than sympathetic view of her charges.

“Did you know baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous than adult ones?” she asks one of her ‘patients’. “They haven’t learned how much venom they secrete.”

“All of you are dangerous,” she says. “That’s why you’re here.”

Marvel fans will note that The New Mutants is a veritable galaxy away from the colourful, lighter films filled with snappy dialogue that Marvel usually produces. Mind you, this film isn’t coming out of Marvel’s own studio. Rather it’s being produced by 20th Century Fox, which recently punched out two rather more gritty comic book films: Deadpool and Logan. Both were really good and perhaps taking comic books to more ‘adult’ places might be the way to go.

The New Mutants is set for release in April of next year.