This wearable Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey has moving eyes

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Even before the release of Super Mario Odyssey we’ve been seeing fan replicas of Cappy, and this 3D printed version with moving eyes may be the best one yet.

Created by maker Robert Jamison, this is based on a knockoff version of Mario’s hat. The eyes themselves are 3D printed, but the iris and pupil are separate pieces.

To make them move there’s a hidden strut connected to a small motor. An Adafruit Trinket controls the motor and a portable phone charger provides the power.

To make your own start with the free files on Thingiverse and then move to Jamison’s GitHub page for a guide to complete it.

You’re looking at about 6 hours of print time for the eyes and $36 for the cap and electronics, if you use the same parts he did.

Even though the battery used was a bit too big, it can be hidden away. You can see the full effect of the finished project in the gif below which Jamison kindly sent us.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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