Datally is Google's data-saving app

Google launches Datally, the app that’ll help you save data

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For a lot of smartphone owners in South Africa, one of the biggest thorns in their side is the high cost of data.

This problem is made all the more immediate when you consider that nearly 70% of all South Africans access the internet through their smartphones. A lot of users need help to manage their data costs in this prohibitively expensive country.

Google today has offered a solution. The search engine giant has launched a data-saving app called Datally, which is aimed at helping users conserve data and essentially get the most out of their data plans with their mobile service provider.

Once installed, Datally boasts a number of data saving features. First off, it identifies which apps on a device an owner uses the most and also recommends ways in which they can cut down their data usage.

Datally can also stop apps from consuming data while they’re running in the background and show how much data an app is consuming in real time – think of it as a kind of data fuel gauge/speedometer.

Datally is available to download right now on the Google Play Store. It runs on any Android device that’s running on 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher and it’s absolutely free.