LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 reviewed by my young nephew

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I’m going to be honest with you guys, I’m sick of the LEGO games and I was stuck with the review of Marvel Super Heroes 2, so I’ve offloaded it to my nephew, who is seven.

Sure, bash Call of Duty and Pokémon and Assassin’s Creed, but the franchise that should really be on trial is LEGO. Worlds was a welcome break to the formula last year, but here we are again with the same damn game.

So when I was given the review copy for Marvel Super Heroes 2, I knew my fragile psyche could not stand another eight or so hours of dead-simple puzzles and ant-killer combat, so I brought in my nephew, Luca.

I may have grown too cynical and, well, too old to enjoy this game, so lets see if younger eyes can make the difference.

Oh, and I’ve had to format this review as a sort of interview as I coax the answers out of my nephew, because he couldn’t be arsed to write it properly. Damn kids, so lazy nowadays.

Clinton: We’ve played the game for a little while, what do you think of it?

Luca: It was cool. And it was fun. It was interesting.

Clinton: Was it more or less difficult that other games you’ve played?

Luca: I would say… in between.

Clinton: How does it compare to other LEGO games?

Luca: It was better.

Clinton: … Why was it better?

Luca: Because you got to adventure. In the other ones you were just stuck in a block and you had to run around.

Clinton: What did you think about the puzzles in the game?

Luca: Hard.

Clinton: Why were they hard?

Luca: Because you needed to, like, figure them out. It’s complicated. It’s not easy.

Clinton: And what about the combat?

Luca: It was fun.

Clinton: Do you commend the developers for giving you more than a hundred characters you unlock instead of putting them in lootboxes?

Luca: Uh, I think it’s good.

Clinton: What did you think about the characters?

Luca: My favourite one was actually, to be honest, the green girl.

Clinton: She-Hulk? Why was she your favourite?

Luca: She could break stuff, and also make stuff.

Clinton: Did you like this game more or less because it had Marvel characters?

Luca: I’d like to see different ones before I choose, but I think this one was cool.

Clinton: What about the music and the sound?

Luca: It was annoying when the guy was shooting and it didn’t stop. The guy was trying to shoot us and we weren’t even really there.

[We experienced a glitch where one of the enemies triggered about 10 minutes before we reached them and drowned out our audio until we found them]

Clinton: We played on the Nintendo Switch and you said you liked it. Why is that?

Luca: You can play with two people on one [console] on the TV or on the Nintendo Switch. That’s cool.

Clinton: You have a PlayStation 4 at home. How does the Joy-Con compare to the DualShock 4?

Luca: I’d say they are the same.

Clinton: Are you going to ask your parents to buy Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 now?

Luca: Yeah.

Clinton: Are you going to pay for it or are they?

Luca: Half half.

Clinton: You’ve played a few of the LEGO games now, do you think they’re getting boring or do you still like them?

Luca: I still like them.

Clinton: If you had to give this game a score out of ten, what would it be? 

Luca: Ten.

Clinton: That score is pretty high, are you worried It’s going to mess with the Metacritic rating?

Luca: [Silence]

Clinton: Do you… do you know what that means?

Luca: Yeah, like what the fidget spinner did.

Clinton: There are other kids like you who have pocket money and may want to spend it on this game. Should they do that?

Luca: Yes, because it’s cool. You adventure. You learn to build stuff. Break stuff. Fix stuff.

Clinton: After this experience do you think you’ll pursue a degree in games journalism or do you actually want a job that pays?

Luca: I want a job that pays money.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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