See what Overwatch looked like as far back as 2013

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During BlizzCon 2017 fans were treated to the Overwatch Archive panel which showed off what the game looked like while still in development.

While there’s been some coverage of the early artwork there’s a presentation of the game stretching back to as early as September 2013.

It goes from the Overwatch’s first engine tests to first gameplay and development from there until it was shown to the public. There’s lots of interesting inclusions such as the early version of Hanzo’s ultimate, which was a caterpillar instead of a dragon.

Aside from character development there’s also a look at the various maps and how they changed over time.

Even if you don’t play Overwatch, we highly suggest you sit through the whole video to get a glimpse into some game development and the massive changes that can happen over a very short time.

Eurogamer recently put out a similar piece about XCOM: Enemy Unknown back when it was nothing more than a concept video with horror elements. 

One last note is that the video embedded above is not official and may be taken down at any point. If you want to watch the full thing you’ll need to buy a virtual ticket so you can watch the stream on the BlizzCon site.


[Source – /u/TYsunshine on Reddit]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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