Vine 2

Dom Hoffman teases Vine 2

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Last week, Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman announced that he was working on a follow-up to Vine.

The news was met with much jubilation and happiness since Vine is probably one of the most loved and much missed apps out there. If you never played with it, here’s the skinny: it was a video app, which gave users just six seconds to flex their creative muscles.

Unlike Instagram, the stars that blossomed on Vine did so thanks to how funny, entertaining or mind-boggling their efforts were. When Twitter killed it off last year, a large hole was left in many lives.

Hoffman has been pretty cagey about the follow-up he’s working on. All he’s announced apart from the project’s existence is that he’s funding it himself and he’ll be doing it as a side project. Now, Hoffman has teased the project’s logo on Twitter.

V2? We’re going to go ahead and just call it Vine 2. Or Vine 2 Return Of The Vine. That is, until Hoffman corrects us. Come on, Hoff. All’s we want is our six seconds back. Any time now…