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Hearthstone’s new Dungeon Run mode is all kinds of fantastic

The final Hearthstone expansion for 2017 was released last week and while 135 new cards entering the game is exciting, I didn’t spend much time this weekend playing with them.

Sure, I tried to pull off a Twig of the World Tree combo and spell Hunter is more fun than it has any right to be but Hearthstone’s latest mode – Dungeon Run – captured my attention all weekend.

The Dungeon Run doesn’t require anything from you but time. Players don’t need to have pre-ordered the latest expansion nor do they have to buy the mode.

Players start a run and then get to decide which of the nine classes they will pilot through eight Dungeon bosses and are then given a starter deck consisting of 10 cards.

Upon defeating the first boss, players will be given a choice of three passive powers and three cards which can be added to your deck. Players will be able to select a “bucket” of three extra cards after winning each game and a passive or a powerful Treasure card after every two wins.

The cards are a mixture of Wild and Standard cards with some of the newer cards being available to players. This is incredibly good news for players who can’t afford to buy a new set of cards three times a year and often have to wait for the weekly Tavern Brawl to experience new cards.

While that is a great idea it would be pointless if the mode wasn’t fun and thankfully it is.

There are 48 iterations of Dungeon Bosses and we say iterations because some bosses do reappear with different hero powers.

Be careful of nasty surprises in the form of boss hero powers.

Every run I played I found myself considering each and every play, thinking about what was still in my deck and wondering how my play would be answered. For anybody that has entered the “Practice” mode since first playing the game this is a very nice addition as the AI in that mode is shockingly bad.

This is still a bot but the bot behaves like a human by making questionable plays and setting up for a lethal play next turn. Every decision feels more important than the last and even if you’ve played a boss before there are surprises in store.

In short it feels like a normal game of Hearthstone and it does a lot to teach you the finer intricacies without the pressure of an opponent constantly emoting.

As a free-to-play experience Dungeon Run is reason enough to download Hearthstone. At the moment there is no real benefit to playing the Dungeon Run other than to have fun or earn a new card back by completing a run with every class.

I do hope that Blizzard uses this new mode as a way to make the game easier for new players to get into. How about a free card pack for every completed run Blizz or how about you allow us to earn our daily 100 gold by winning against bosses?

These are just ideas but Dungeon Run has a lot of potential to be a great mode.

Great job Blizzard. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a candle I need to claim.

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