30th November 2023 4:32 pm
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Attach the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to your phone with a 3D print

If you’ve ever needed to attach the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to your iPhone X or Samsung S8+, you can now thanks to a 3D print.

Maker Nathan Becker is to thank for this design, who tells us that he created it in around an hour in Fusion 360. Becker created the iPhone version first, then spent another 15 minutes on the Samsung version using a digital caliper tool to make sure everything fits.

Printing took around ten hours as a .1 mm layer height was used, with finishing being limited to removing the supports and a bit of sanding.

Many revisions were made to make sure the Joy-Cons slide on smoothly and are held in place, and you can find the final version available for free on Thingiverse.

The iPhone variant in the gallery below measures in at 160 X 14.3 X 101 millimetres and the Samsung one is slightly longer.

Becker tells us that he’s been using the print to watch videos during loading screens, but you can always connect the Joy-Cons directly to any phone over Bluetooth and use them to play games there instead. It’s also a nice solution to use the Nintendo Switch Online app and any other software they release in the future.

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