White House bans staff and guests from using personal smartphones

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The White House has issued a ban on staff and guests using mobile phones in the West Wing.

The new policy was announced by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders last night.

“The security and integrity of the technology systems at the White House is a top priority for the Trump administration and therefore the use of all personal devices for both guests and staff will no longer be allowed in the West Wing,” said Huckabee.

“Staff will be able to conduct business on their government-issued devices and continue working hard on behalf of the American people,” Sanders said in a statement on the new policy,” she added.

Rumours have been circulating for a while that a ban on personal phones in the White House was imminent, even though it means that staff probably won’t be contactable by immediate family in cases of emergency.

While security concerns are certainly an issue, it’s also true that the Trump administration’s White House has more leaks in it than a shotgunned sieve, most of which paint Trump in a rather bad light (as if he needed the help thanks to his incessant need to tweet every idea that pops into his head).

Visiting dignitaries probably won’t be affected, what with diplomatic immunity still being a thing. If that situation changes, we’ll probably read about it in a tweet on Trump’s official account.

There is no word as yet as to whether the White House will be appointing a hall monitor to make sure the smartphone ban is adhered to.