Games with Gold in February includes Split Second. Hell yes!

Xbox’s Games with Gold this February look rather tasty

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With January nearly in the rearview, players can start salivating over this year’s gaming release schedule (not that this month has been too shabby).

Microsoft is jumping in with both feet next month with its Games with Gold programme, offering four games for free that are all of a pretty high calibre.

On the Xbox One, players can pick up a copy of of Shadow Warrior, the 2013 of the FPS of the same name, which is available for free all month. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India is available from February 15th, and while it’s not what you’d call a full-fat AC experience, it’s still better for a spin-off title than most would think.

Xbox One and 360 owners can get their hands on Crazy Taxi, which if you’ve never played it, is pretty much required reading. Imagine a taxi game in which all the drivers and passengers are on speed and you’re starting to get the idea. That baby is available for free in the second half of the month.

The pick of the bunch for our money, though, is Split/Second (or Split/Second: Velocity, as it was called in Europe and over here). It’s basically a racing game as imagined by Michael Bay; players build up a meter by drifting and then they can deploy it to trigger explosions on the track to flummox their opponents. This is a racer in which it’s possible to crash a passenger jet on top of the cars chasing you, so that has to be worth the price of admission, right? (Especially when the price is free!) Players can download this game in the first half of the coming month.

It’s going to take some pretty damn fine titles to match these freebies, so over to you Sony. What can PS4 owners expect?