Replicate the spore drive from Star Trek: Discovery with this 3D print

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Star Trek: Discovery continues to be an inspiration in the maker world with one hobbyist recreating the spore drive as a 3D print.

Andrew Sink took this project on after making his own shuttlepod from TNG. Sink tells us that he created the model in Fusion 360 to be true scale – about the size of a two litre bottle.

The version you see in the gallery below, however, is a bit smaller at around 5 inches (12,7 centimetres), printed in a translucent filament.

The hallow print accommodates LEDs to give it a glow similar to the one in the show, so you’ll have to pick those up too if you want to replicate this project.

To do that start with the files available for free from Thingiverse. Sink also tells us that you can void painting like he did if you have the correct white and black filament.

You can also wait on a YouTube video which will be uploaded to his channel soon that will show how it was made.

Until then, may we suggest printing out some insignia badges from the show?

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