Drilling needed to access the last 10% of Theewaterskloof Dam

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The Department of Water and Sanitation has announced a plan to try and access the remaining 10% of water in Theewaterkloof dam in the Western Cape.

The DWS released a statement detailing plans to of a drilling operation currently underway following a media tour of the dam on Sunday. It also announced similar operations were underway at the Table Mountain Aquifer.

“The Department of Water and Sanitation is currently assisting with drilling into the Table Mountain Group Aquifer as part of the effort to combat the water scarcity in the area,” the DWS statement said. “There is also a plan underway to access the 10% of water still in the Theewaterskloof Dam to increase capacity in the Western Cape Water Supply System.”

The reason for the operations taking place is to make the remaining water in the dam useable, which it wouldn’t be if it was used through the dam system.

The Western Cape is suffering one of the worst droughts in living memory at present. Following the introduction of numerous water restrictions thanks to lowering dam levels, July 9th has been marked as a possible ‘Day Zero’.

Day Zero is the day the municipalities will turn of water to households in the Western Cape, and residents will be limited to 25 litres a day – water they’ll have to collect after queuing in public under the watchful eye of the army.




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