How to add ‘view image’ back to Google Images

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Last week Google removed the very handy option to view individual images from its image search function, and now the internet has added it back in.

Reddit user /u/mjani has created a Chrome extension called “Google Images Downloader” which adds back the functionality.

While it does not replace the button which is now missing from the image preview, it instead adds four new options when you hover over an image – the first being an eye icon for view image.

The other three options are search by image, copy image URL and download. We’ve been using it for a short while now and it works perfectly as far as we can tell.

You can find it in the Chrome web store to download for free. We need to provide a warning about any extension you install as there’s always the possibility that it could be malicious.

If you’d prefer not to take the chance, or can’t be bothered to add anything to Chrome, you can still get around this change without doing much. In the image preview simply right click the thumbnail and select “Open image in new tab”.

While Opera shares this name, in Firefox it is called “View image”

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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